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07/01/2018 - 07/05/2018: International Hazardous Products Emergency Response Course - HAZMAT ICS Incident Command Level


This course provides the Incident Commander with the knowledge and skills to play his or her role as the person responsible for all decisions related to the management of the incident with hazardous products, taking into consideration human and material resources. The student will develop activities for planning and defining protection equipment, decontamination, Incident Management System functions, and general tactics and techniques to adequately mitigate an incident caused by hazardous products.

  • Carry out the emergency response plan with hazardous products;
  • Know and execute the Incident Command System (ICS);
  • ICS responsibilities and documentation;
  • Incident command system figure;
  • On-site emergency response protocols;
  • Unified Incident Command (multi-jurisdictional);
  • Response exercises in the following scenarios: intermodal cargo containers,
  • Tank trucks, railway emergencies, intermodal tanks;
  • Know the dangers and risks of the team that works with chemical protective clothing;
  • Know and detail local, state, and federal emergency response plans with hazardous products;
  • Know the personnel and community decontamination procedures.

Target Audience

Professional with Hazardous Materials Operation Level Certification.

Technical Coordination

Jorge Alberto Guidobono, Coordinator of the HAZMAT Courses at Suatrans in Brazil, Msc. in Transportation by the Superior School of War of the Argentine Army, Specialist in Logistics by the Argentine Superior School of War, Postgraduate in Logistics and Integrated Solutions, Licentiate in Transport and Operative Logistics and Technician in Transport, Counsultant at the National Institute of Industrial Technology, Emergency Instructor with Hazardous Products at the Transportation Technological Center (TTCI - US, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela and Puerto Rico) and Instructor of Emergency with Hazardous Materials by the School of Emergency Technicians - Spain, Certificate PRO- BOARD in the NFPA Standards.


Place and date

International Multimodal Training Center for Chemical Emergency Response - Paulínia / SP

July 01-05, 2019


40 Hours


8am to 6pm.


R$ 3,660.00

R $ 3,000.00 for Suatrans Clients


Until June 24

Online Application

Phone: (19) 3467-9700 Extension 251