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09/23/2018 - 09/27/2018: International Hazardous Products Emergency Response Course - HAZMAT Technical Level Specialist WMD

As established in OSHA 29, CFR 1910.120 (q) (f) and NFPA 472, as well as meeting the requirements of ABNT NBR 14064 and UNE ISO 22320.


According to the above-mentioned rules, this training aims to train, enable and certify technicians who act directly and indirectly in emergencies and potential situations involving chemical, hazardous and toxic products, focusing on intervention and protection of affected communities.

Program content

  • Hazardous Materials - Physical and chemical properties;
  • Respiratory protection lesson;
  • Chemical protection lesson;
  • DECON technical lesson for Hazmat and WMD emergencies;
  • Exercise of Personal Protective Equipment;
  • Protocol of air deficiency and exercise;
  • Information sources;
  • Chemicals monitoring lesson;
  • Exercise of chemical characterization;
  • Exercise DECON (Technical & Victims Decon for Hazmat and WMD Op's);
  • Hazmat Emergency Protocol;
  • Emergency chlorine lesson;
  • Gas and Flare Transfer Lesson;
  • ICS introduction lesson;
  • Chlorine Emergency Exercise (Live Chemical);
  • Exercise of transfer of gas and flare gas (Live Chemical);
  • Chemical weapons lesson;
  • Lesson of biological agents;
  • Explosives as a WMD tool;
  • Radiological weapons;
  • Radiation detection and recovery;
  • Final Planning of the WMD Exercise;
  • WMD Exercise.


Minimum Level of Operations / Technical of Hazardous Materials according to NFPA 472 or equivalent.

Approval of participation by the National Authority of the Brazilian Government and validation from the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Target Audience

Professionals who are involved in processes and activities with dangerous products, such as: Managers, Coordinators, Supervisors, Engineers, Analysts, Security Technicians, Brigadists and Operators. As well as representatives of Chemical Industries, Conveyors, Refineries, Steelworks, Ports, Airports, Warehouse Terminals, Environmental and Inspection Agencies, Public Security Agencies, Armed Forces, Civil Defense Officers and Military, Civil and Industrial Firefighters.

Technical Coordination

Jorge Alberto Guidobono, Coordinator of the HAZMAT Courses at Suatrans in Brazil, Msc. in Transportation by the Superior School of War of the Argentine Army, Specialist in Logistics by the Argentine Superior School of War, Postgraduate in Logistics and Integrated Solutions, Licentiate in Transport and Operative Logistics and Technician in Transport, Counsultant at the National Institute of Industrial Technology, Emergency Instructor with Hazardous Products at the Transportation Technological Center (TTCI - US, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela and Puerto Rico) and Instructor of Emergency with Hazardous Materials by the School of Emergency Technicians - Spain, Certificate PRO- BOARD in the NFPA Standards.


Place and date

International Multimodal Training Center for Chemical Emergency Response - Paulínia / SP

September 23-27, 2019


40 Hours


8am to 6pm.


R$ 3,660.00

R$ 3,000.00 for Suatrans Clients


Until September 16, 2019

Online Application

Phone: (19) 3467-9700 Extension 251