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Course NR 35 - Working at Height: Authorized Person and Competent Person

Training Levels

  • Skilled and Authorized Worker – Beginner  Level (8 hours)
  • Skilled and Licensed Worker - Intermediate Level (16 hours)
  • Supervisor of Working at Height - Advanced Level (24 hours)
  • Technical Rescue at Height - Basic Level (24 hours)
  • Technical Rescue at Height - Advanced Level (40 hours)
  • Internal Multiplier of Working at Height - Intermediate Level (24 hours)
  • Skilled and Authorized Worker - Periodical - Recycling - biennial (8 hours)

Work at height is considered to be any activity performed above 2.00 m (two meters) from the lower level, where there is a risk of falling.


To raise awareness, instruct and train staff on the necessary risks, requirements and protective measures involving work at heights, and the planning, organization and execution thereof, in order to ensure the safety and health of workers directly or indirectly engaged in this activity.

Note: Confined Space Safety and Safety at Height courses can be taught throughout the country with the M.I.R.T. Simulator (Premium Service) or without the Simulator, but providing some equipment if necessary (Basic Service), both for closed classes and for open classes.

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