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Emergency Response Plan (PAE) - Theoretical training with practical part without emergency vehicle

Goal: To train those involved, directly and indirectly, in actions of the Emergency Response Plan - PAE of the company.

Target audience: Carriers, Manufacturers, Shippers, Drivers, Health, Safety and Environmental Professionals.

Duration: 4 hours

Number of Participants: Maximum of 35 participants per training.

Program content:

  • Goal;
  • Applied Legislation;
  • Characterization and analysis of the company's operation;
  • Plan’s Organizational structure - attribution and responsibilities;
  • Accidental hypotheses;
  • Plan activation;
  • Operational public bodies;
  • Emergency response structure - Suatrans;
  • Emergency control actions;
  • Post-emergence procedures;
  • Maintenance and updating of information;
  • Assignments and responsibilities as first on the spot.
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