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Defensive driving

Goal: To train drivers involved in the transportation of products about defensive driving practices and notions.

Target audience: Carriers, Manufacturers, Shippers, Drivers, Health, Safety and Environmental Professionals.

Duration: 4 hours.

Number of Participants: Maximum of 35 participants per training.

Program content:

  • Concept of defensive and evasive driving;
  • The main causes of accidents;
  • Accidents and statistics;
  • Safe risk behavior;
  • Safety distance x braking space;
  • Dynamics of weight transfer x vehicle stability;
  • Initial operational check of the vehicle;
  • Risk Predictability / anticipated reaction to possible mistakes of other drivers;
  • Security procedures at exits and arrivals;
  • Use of alcohol, medicine and drugs x accidents;
  • How to avoid front / back / side collisions;
  • Signaling;
  • Preferred route concept.
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