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CSN and SUATRANS perform simulation of oil leakage

Simulation: Teams reacted well to the `accident` created to train reaction to emergencies.

CSN conducted a simulated oil leak test on the Paraíba do Sul River in Volta Redonda yesterday. In the simulation, benzene oil (BTX) - characterized by inert foam, water and styrofoam - reached the Paraíba do Sul River before the main emissary of the Presidente Vargas Plant, at the time of the Retreat. The simulation exercise lasted 1h30min and counted on the participation of 40 people from the State Fire Department, Coordema (Coordination of Defense of the Environment), Feema (State Foundation for Engineering and Environment) and Civil Defense, coordinated by General Management of the Environment. The simulation was part of the Environmental Management System, according to ISO 14001, at the Presidente Vargas Plant.

"The goal is to see the action of human resources and equipment to meet quickly, avoiding an impact on the environment. In the simulation, we can see how to act in case of emergency," said environmental relations manager Roberto Brito, stressing the equipment used in the simulation."We used forklifts, trucks and an ambulance, which provided medical care as if people had been injured: about 40 people participated in the simulation," he said.

The simulation started with an accident between a tank truck carrying benzene oil (BTX) and another common cargo truck due to tank derailment. As a result, a damage to the tank truck's valve caused the product to leak to the drainage system, reaching Paraíba do Sul River in a location outside the containment barrier in CSN's main emissary.

"The timing was great because we were able to hold every product on the barrier within 100 meters and recover the product that had leaked without impacting the environment," said Brito.

Items such as infrastructure and logistics, communication, emergency response, health and safety, operational performance and action of service providers were also evaluated by seven auditors. The action also served as another test for the UPV's Emergency Response Plan (PRE), such as the one performed last October. In the previous exercise, a fire was simulated in an oil tank at the Alcatrão Plant (Carbochemicals) and the leakage of the product to the drainage system, reaching Paraíba do Sul.