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Partnership in Paulínia

To carry out courses aimed for companies transporting dangerous products. The initiative aims to promote the safety and well-being of the population, based on the use of technical standardization.

The basis of the partnership was discussed on February 14 at a meeting between the Secretary of Defense and Development of the Environment, Zaqueu Pereira de Souza, and ABNT, represented by its Development Director, Carlos Santos Amorim Júnior, and the advisor Francisco FS Oliveira.

One of the largest petrochemical centers in Latin America, Paulínia concentrates a large volume of cargo that offers environmental risks. That is why the municipal authorities decided to join forces with ABNT, the only Brazilian standardization forum, to implement actions capable of sensitizing businessmen to meeting safety requirements both in the transportation of hazardous products as well as in the treatment of solid waste.

The establishing of technical standards by local carriers should contribute decisively to the maintenance of environmental conditions at the levels required by legislation, ensuring a healthier life for the population.