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Etiquette rules at work ... niceties that can change your day!

Knowing how to deal with unforeseen events, getting away with charm of delicate situations and passing on an image of competent professional without being aggressive is now a matter of survival in companies.

Although we live in a country where relationship relaxation is a must, finding the best way to relate to co-workers without having to take sides, or choosing a way to act that refer to either audacity or austerity, is always difficult.

The idea of ​​simplifying things blaming daily fast pace of life ended up eliminating small details that can make a difference when you want to get a good image.

The cell phone, for example, has changed so much our relationships that it is now common to see people gathered at the same table in the restaurant chatting excitedly with those who are not present.

The same cell phone ended up entering the work life in such a way that the private life ended up being invaded by companies and clients, as if public and private were only one thing.