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New Simulation in Americana

Firefighter simulates operation to contain leakage

A simulation of ammonia leakage was performed yesterday morning in Americana. The intention of the training is to prepare the employees of Contato Carrier in partnership with the firefighters for a possible similar accident on the roads of the Region.

The people passing by at the time of the simulation looked frightened at the trucks leaning on Avenida Henrique Brechmacker, unaware that the situation was a training.

The entire structure was assembled to bring the event closer to a real accident. The driver of the tank truck loaded with ammonia noticed a small leak in the loading valve and pulled over the vehicle. Then the firefighters are called to attend to the occurrence. Ammonia is a liquefied, colorless, with carachteristical smell compressed gas that can cause severe burns to the eyes and skin.

Just as in a real accident, the firefighters were called through a telephone call and moved from the base to the avenue in Jardim Brasil, where they isolated the area, shut off valves and activated the specialized emergency responseservice, which, in case of a  real leak, would make the transfer of load from one truck to another.