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Petrobrás has R$ 48 million for environmental projects

In the next two years it will invest R$ 48 million in projects to preserve the environment. In the first stage of the program, started in October 2003, the company released R$ 40 million for 30 projects related to the same theme of the new selection: "Water: Fresh and Sea Water Figures".

Preference will be given to raising awareness of the rational use of water resources, restoring landscapes and preserving endangered species and marine environments. "The risk is undeniable. Trying to avoid and minimize the environmental impact of oil production is a fundamental contribution to the future of humanity," said President José Sérgio Gabrielli. Companies and organizations interested in participating in the program must register by June 7, only through the Petrobrás website (www.petrobras.com.br), where the regulation is provided. Small, medium and large projects can be registered, and the request for sponsorship for each can not exceed R$ 3.6 million.

The winners will be chosen by Petrobrás employees and external collaborators related to the environmental area, such as the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (Funbio). The launch of the Petrobras Environmental Program happens six years after two of the biggest environmental disasters ever provoked by the company: the huge oil spills in Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, and the Iguaçu River, in Paraná. In the three years prior to these accidents, the company maintained an annual average oil leak of 2,850 cubic meters. In 2000, the volume reached almost 6 thousand cubic meters. (Source: Gazeta do Povo (PR) / Fernando Jasper).