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SUATRANS and BRASKEM inaugurate Training Center in Camaçari

In 2009, SUATRANS signed an operational partnership with BRASKEM for the operationalization of its emergency training center for hazardous and polluting products in Camaçari / BA.

This partnership aims to qualify the Braskem emergency brigade in Camaçari and the SUATRANS technicians who provide emergency services within the BRASKEM Unit in Camaçari.

The Training Center in Camaçari is structured to train operators and technicians with all the necessary infrastructure to carry out practical and theoretical courses, counting on prototypes so that the training approaches the maximum of reality, training rooms, smoke house, stationary tanks, tank trucks, Chlorine cylinders, among other obstacles to act directly in the emergency with several classes and containers of Hazardous Products.

All the training that will be performed follow standards such as: ISO, NBR, NFPA and OSHA. The center will also have the seal of TTCI-Transportation Tecnology Center Inc. and SERTC-Security Emergency Response Training Center, the largest training center dedicated to hazardous chemicals in the world.

All this structure will be available to the market from September / 09 where Suatrans will be providing specific training to Chemical Industry and also classes open to the general public.