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SASSMAQ - Emergency Response Module

Suatrans has participated in the meetings of the Emergency Response Commission of ABIQUIM in order to elaborate the companies' SASSMAQ to provide emergency services with dangerous products.

These meetings are aimed at adapting the system to this segment and Suatrans, a pioneer in emergency response with Hazardous Products and Pollutants, has been exchanging experiences and contributing with technical and statistical information to better adapt the module. Performing the standardization of deployment processes, evaluation techniques and even means of certification.

Now in the terminal stage, we have reached the trial and audit period, and with great pleasure, Suatrans has made itself available for evaluation, as our processes approach SASSMAQ's requirements due to our internal Security and Environment policies and also to our SGI Integrated Management System.



Sassmaq enables an evaluation of performance in the areas of safety, health, environment and quality in companies that provide services to the chemical industry.
The evaluation is performed by independent certification bodies accredited by Abiquim. The "core elements", composed of the administrative, financial and social aspects of the company, and the "specific elements", consisting of the offered services and the operational structure, are evaluated.

The evaluation by Sassmaq is not mandatory, but its application generates an important differential for the companies certified by the system by proving that they offer qualified services in logistics operations.

Several logistics service providers have on their own sites transport operations, cleaning operations, warehousing, among other activities. In order to avoid duplication in the SASSMAQ evaluations, the SASSMAQ specific modules (Road, Cleaning Station, Rail, Emergency Service and others in implementation) are aligned in the requirements regarding the Central and Specific Element. Logistic operators that have more than one activity in the same place can carry out the evaluation considering the integrated modules.


The goal of the Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Assessment System - Sassmaq is to continuously and gradually reduce the risk of accidents in the transport and distribution of chemical products. The system was launched by Abiquim in May 2001 and covers all modes of transportation, as well as Storage Terminals and Cleaning Stations.

Learn more about SASSMAQ at http://www.abiquim.org.br/sassmaq/