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Régis Bittencourt is champion in environmental accidents

The State Environmental Sanitation Company (Cetesb) received 197 callsa related to problems with transportation of dangerous cargoes, of which 24 were in the road connecting São Paulo to the south of the country. Out Of this total, 22 occurred in the region of Registro, near the border with Paraná. 19 more accidents occurred at Washington Luís and 19 at Via Dutra. The report is part of the "Report on Chemical Emergencies Assisted by Cetesb in 2005".

In total, 419 cases were assisted. The survey pointed out that the largest number of calls is aimed at the rescue of road transport accidents. Then there are the leaks of fuel stations and the disposal of chemicals. The report also outlines the hazard class of chemical emergencies, and in 2005, 35% of incidents involved flammable liquids, 9% with corrosive substances and 8% with gases. However it is expressive the percentage of occurrences where it is not possible to identify the product or it is not considered a dangerous substance, although it can impact the environment (18%).

Source: A Tribuna - Santos / SP - 17/3/2006