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Suatrans performs lifesaving simulation

Simultaneous Victim Rescue Simulation Exercise - Portainer

Goal: To train the necessary actions to be taken, when in the occurrence of an emergency involving rescue of a victim at height, identifying all the intercurrences that may hinder the action of the people involved, in order to correct them.

Requirement S.G.I .: IEM 007

Location: Portainer 02 (side of T-37.1)

Date: 07/12/2006 at 16 hours

Description of the emergency: The Portainer 02 Operator (activates via HT radio the mechanical maintenance team and reports a defect in the hoisting rope. The mechanic inspecting the hoisting cable identifies the need to make the cable change and requests the mechanical maintenance team to go to the Portainer - 02 to carry out the lifting cable change.

The maintenance team enters the engine room of Portêiner - 02, in order to carry out the maintenance. During the change of the lift rope, the Mechanic suffers injury with suspected fractures (upper and lower body), due to the breaking of the cable that reaches him. Immediately the operator activates the Work Safety via radio HT (Track 07), informing about the accident with victim in Portainer - 02.

Performance of the Emergency Team - PCE

1- The Leader of the PCE (Occupational Safety Technician), in the face of the situation, immediately asks the Property Security area to activate the PCE (Emergency Control Plan) and Fire Department staff, communicating that it is an emergency with victim in Portainer - 02.

2- The Leader of the PCE (Occupational Safety Technician), goes on site in conjunction with the civil firefighting team (SUATRANS) and the Labor Nursing Assistant.

3- At the site, the PCE Leader establishes the location of the C.A.E. (Emergency Action Center) to plan rescue action for the victim who is aware. The leader of the PCE decides to rescue the victim through the technique (lift type) of descent by rope, due to the severity of the injury suffered by the employee, and the elevator is unavailable for use as well as the fact that the structure of the ladder does not provide victim removal in a safe way. At this moment, the PCE Leader divides the PCE team into three groups: Group 1 (one) Occupational Nursing Auxiliary, (one) Fire fighter and one (PCE Member) to deliver the first emergency response , group 2 ((one) Safety-at-work technician and (three) Fire fighters assemble the system of descent from the stretcher to the ground and the group 3 ((one) Patrimonial Security Assistant and the patrimonial surveillance team (Blue Star)) isolates the site and establishes a quicker and safer route for the Fire Department to reach the emergency site.

4- Group 1 is the first to climb the Portainer in to deliver the first emergency assistance. After the immobilization and placement of the victim on the rescue stretcher, the group takes the victim to the point of the descent system.

5- Group 2 is the second to climb on the Portainer, but (a) Firefighter stays on land (solo) to perform the braking control of the descent system of the victim. The other components of the group assemble the system of descent of the stretcher and after assembling the system and the arrival of the victim to the point of descent (a) Fire fighter descends following the victim to the ground.

6- After the victim arrives in the ground they are removed by the Fire Department and placed in the rescue vehicle of the Fire Department, which leads the victim to the Emergency Room (Santa Casa).