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High Performance Environmental Protection Product Line

With the need to develop environmental protection products in the national market, SUATRANS created AMBCLEAN, a company that is part of the Group, specialized in the development of products for leaks’ absorption and containment.

At the beginning of its activity Ambclean submitted its absorption products in environmental emergencies and with that, acquired knowledge, achieving excellent levels of performance of absorption rates due to the actual and constant tests that were submitted.

According to Cláudio Campos, responsible for the area of ​​client relations, Ambclean industrial absorbers are extremely important for environmental health, but they are not yet common knowledge due to the lack of diffusion of environmental culture. Divided into white, green and gray lines, the leak-absorbing products are formed by blankets, pillows and cords of various sizes.

In addition to these industrialized materials for industrial absorption, there is Ambclean ° Peat, a 100% organic alternative for the same purpose, with the difference that because it is a natural material, it reduces even more aggression to the environment.

A product of great prominence in leak containment is the 'Plug and Dike,' which has the ability to grip anywhere, in order to contain liquid leakage. "A gasoline leak in a tank can be contained with the Plug and Dike so the vehicle can continue its path until it is repaired," says Claudio.

As well as being a consultant, Amblcean advises its clients on the appropriate environmental protection materials that should be used in their business.

For example, an automotive mechanic is instructed to use an absorbent blanket instead of cardboard boxes for absorbing oil leakage from vehicles. This measure ensures a higher absorption performance of the spilled oil and reduces the cost of disposal of the contaminated material.