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Integrated Management System - Commitment of all


In the scope of chemical emergency care, certifications of quality, safety and commitment to environmental standards are indispensable for its development. For this reason, the Integrated Management System (SGI), coordinated by quality analyst Vera Macedo, has been in force and has participated in ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14000 (environment) and OHSAS 18000 (health and worker safety) recertifications.

The engagement of each employee in the SGI goes beyond understanding the rules. It is necessary that they know the importance of its application according to what was predicted in the mapping of actions of each area. In addition, in May, 18 employees, among those who already participate in the quality committee and coordinators, were certified by DNV to act as internal auditors. Every six months, they conduct audits by means of a check list drawn up specifically for each department.

Internal auditors assist in correcting possible nonconformities and contribute to the improvement of work procedures prior to official recertification audits. These achievements represent for both Suatrans and the customer, who will have the peace of mind of being taken care of by a compromised company, and will reflect that quality in their own services.


On June 10 we received representatives from the emergency committee of Abiquim and a representative of the Falcon Bauer Certifier that aimed to finalize the checklist that will be used as a guide in the certification of emergency service companies. During this visit, the validation process of this check list was finalized and the same will be approved by Abiquim. According to Mr. Ricardo Assoni - Coordinator of Bauer Falcon Management System Center, the beginning of certification audits related to emergency service companies will occur only after this approval.

As explained by Mrs. Vera Macedo, who has followed up all verification and validation of the checklist on SUATRANS, she is confident because SUATRANS has already operated according to ISO standards for more than 3 years in the scope of emergency service and the SASSMAQ emergency certification will only be used to cancel the management system already in place.

The next step of the SGI is to move towards the certification of S.A. 8000 (Social Actions), which represents social awareness through programs that do not generate financial profit, like the free training that is already part of the agenda of Suatrans. "I consider this an obligation of the whole company: to develop and implement social awareness for its employees and to represent this concern in their actions," concludes Vera.

Integrated Management Policy

Suatrans Chemical Emergency has been in the market since 1989, providing services and products for the protection of the environment. Through its national and international operations, Suatrans, through its employees and shareholders, undertakes to continuously improve its QUALITY, SAFETY , OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT, according to the following objectives:

  • Meet customer requirements, legal requirements, standards and internal requirements;
  • Develop partnerships with customers and suppliers, seeking greater added value;
  • Continuously develop technological resources to optimize the performance of its activities;
  • Continuously seek training and professional qualification;
  • Preserve the health and safety of people;
  • Preventing environmental pollution and preserving the environment.