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New Phase of Suatrans

Suatrans goes through a time of many positive transformations for its development due to continuous national and international expansion. An example of this was the consolidation of its eleven bases in Chile in September of last year in Joint Venture with Chilean company Disal, Independent of the Joint Venture already signed with the American TTCI (Transportation Thecnology Center) that enables SUATRANS in the operation of Chemical Emergencies and provides operational structure of emergency response in several countries through the partnership with the International Hazmat Task Force (ITF).

Another great reason for celebration was the launch of cargo insurance with environmental protection in partnership with MAPFRE and PAMCARY in October 2009, AMBIENTAL 3.1.1. In order to serve the insured with quality and agility, we carried out a study of repositioning response bases, creating new ones, as well as renovating a large number of emergency response vehicles.

  There is also the segmentation of Suatrans in companies that will be managed separately, but that will continue to follow together, in the same route of commitment with the environment, towards the health and safety of employees and with the satisfaction of its clients. We took advantage of this first edition of the magazine to introduce these companies, showing that the independence of each of these areas strengthens our coherence with the needs of the market, which has above all the responsibility of using sustainable technology to preserve the environment.

 In this restructuring, the commercial and operational areas of each company maintained the same strategic visions and the improvement in attending the requested requirements by each client, understanding that each one has specific needs and characteristics that need to be considered, in order to guarantee the exceedance of expectations regarding our services.

 The new cycle of the Group is completed by the evaluations for recertifications of ISO 9000, ISO 14.000 and OHSAS 18,000, in which we count on the commitment of all the employees, as a single team, to reach our goals once again.

 The launch of this publication marks this cycle of innovations, as it will be our main tool for exchanging information and keeping ourselves integrated with the events of each of our branches.

Giuliano Borlenghi
Suatrans Group Director