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Contribution to the rescue of 33 miners in Chile

Brazilian company contributes to the rescue of 33 miners in Chile.
In February of the current year, thanks to these bases, the company participated actively in one of the most difficult moments of Chile: the earthquake that shook the lives of more than two million people. The success of SUATRANS operations occurred at various times when they were able to recover the areas affected by the daily tremors, as well as the relief they provided to the victims, alongside the Chilean government.

Working under the current environmental legislation and having the certifications of ISO 9.001, ISO 14.001 and OHSAS 18.001 in addition to the joint venture with the American company TTCI (Transportation Technology Center Inc.), Suatrans intends to guarantee exemplary performance again, contributing to the overcome this challenge, based on previous experiences in the country.

During this period, Suatrans Emergency Technicians are assisting in monitoring the atmosphere inside the mine with specific measuring equipment to check the oxygen level and concentration of other gases, preventing accidents and respiratory problems.

Through its 11 Chilean bases, Suatrans, a Brazilian company specialized in chemical and environmental emergencies, once again shows its strength in helping to preserve life. The teams installed in Copiapó in Chile are mobilized to support the rescue operations of the 33 miners trapped in a landslide at the San José mine that extracts copper and gold. Buried at a depth of almost 700 meters since August 5, they are awaiting a rescue operation that is expected to last three to four months.