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Ambclean Releases

Emergency Kit -Spill Drum Ambclean

Now the AMBCLEAN Spill Drum comes packed with products for containment and absorption of spilled products. AMBCLEAN Kit-Spill Drum in 3 versions: For emergencies with hydrocarbons, aggressive products or water-based products.

Emergency Kit-Ambclean

Coming in different formats and sizes, Ambclean Environmental Emergency Kits are the perfect solution for mechanical workshops, storage areas and handling of hazardous products, ports and industries.

Ambclean Safety Container

Safety container and explosion proof. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Ideal for storing, transporting and transferring flammable and corrosive liquids

Ambclean oil separator box

Ambclean oil and water separators are an excellent choice for gas stations, machining centers, oil refueling sites, water clubs, hangars, runways and courtyards for airports, ports, shipyards, assemblers, mechanical workshops, chemical and petrochemical industries and for other purposes.

AMBCLEAN offers to the market the most diverse high technology items, all focused on preserving the environment and on the welfare of the people. Tel .: 11-3429-5055