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Contran recommends caution in mandatory document inspection

Contran recommends caution in the inspection of mandatory documents
The Contran (National Traffic Council) recommends caution in the inspection with regard to the authorization in driving cargo vehicles provided by its owner or lessees, required of the drivers according to Law 121/06. For the agency, because it is a mandatory document, it is necessary that it be regulated and established model, form and content. See the full text of recommendation, in a letter dated of April 13, to the components of the National Transit System.

To the Organs of the National Transit System

Considering that Complementary Law No. 121 of February 9, 2006, which established the "National System of Prevention, Surveillance and Repression of Vehicle Theft and Burglary" in its Article 8 defined that every driver of commercial vehicle of cargo should carry , when this is not their property, authorization to drive it provided by its owner or lessee.

Considering that the authorization to drive the vehicle is a mandatory document, and its non-compliance is subject to a penalty provided for in article 232 of the Brazilian Traffic Code.

We warn that, because it is a mandatory document, it requires regulation that establishes its form, model and content, and therefore it is not self-governing matter.

We therefore recommend that the matter be regulated for the initiation of standardized traffic control actions throughout the National Territory.

Best regards
Alfredo Peres da Silva

President of CONTRAN