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PAM meeting has chemical and environmental emergency demonstration


The 39th Regular Meeting of the Mutual Assistance Plan (PAM) of the Port of Suape brought together representatives of 15 companies and public agencies, on August 19, to deal with the common issues related to enterprises located in the port area. The main issue addressed was the procedures to be taken in case of chemical and environmental emergency, with the participation of the company Suatrans, specialized in the prevention of accidents with dangerous products, that has performed a demonstration with appropriate materials in order to absorb chemicals in case of water contact.

PAM is a security plan to prevent, control and mitigate possible emergencies that may occur in port companies or in areas under the influence of the port. The PAM organization includes companies and public agencies such as the Fire Brigade, Civil Defense, Military Road Police, and environmental agencies. Every month, the companies participating in the PAM get together, under the coordination of Suape, to outline new prevention and control strategies.

Source: suape