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PAE-Emergency Action Plan

Developed in a personalized way for each client under contract, PAE - Emergency Action Plan is a planning of actions regarding all prior knowledge of the client's particularities and the risks involved, substantial for the triggering of emergency control actions.

Therefore, the occurrence of an undesired event leads to the taking of all the necessary measures to minimize the consequences, always with technical background and knowledge of the actions to be adopted.

The procedures involve the displacement of the emergency response team, with one of our vehicles containing all the essential equipment to stop spills, containment of the spilled product, transfer of cargo, environmental monitoring and any other necessary measures, in order to assuage any consequences for the environment or the community.

PEI - Individual Emergency Plan

According to Conama Resolution 398/2008, the Individual Emergency Plan (PEI) is a document applied to organized ports, port or terminal facilities, pipelines, platforms, as well as their respective support facilities.

The serious incidents of oil spills in the country and the urgency to establish effective guidelines and procedures for responding to oil pollution incidents at these facilities demonstrate the need to establish strategies for prevention and management of environmental impacts.

SUATRANS, through its Technical Department, develops the Individual Emergency Plan (IEP) for your company.