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Suatrans Internet and Intranet Usage Policy

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  1. Suatrans has embedded software and systems that can monitor and record all Internet usage through the company's network and workstations.
  2. The company reserves the right to inspect any file stored on the network, whether on the local disk of the station or in private areas of the network, in order to ensure strict compliance to this policy.
  3. Sexually explicit material can not be exposed, stored, distributed, edited or recorded through the use of computing resources of the corporate network.
  4. The use of any company resource for illegal activities is grounds for dismissal for justified reasons and the company will actively cooperate with the authorities in such cases.
  5. Any software downloaded from the internet will become the property of the company.
  6. No employee can use company resources to download or distribute pirated software or data.
  7. No employee can use company resources to deliberately propagate any type of virus, worms, trojan horses, or other computer control programs (Back Oriffice, Netbus, etc.).
  8. Only employees who are duly authorized to speak on behalf of the company to the media can write on behalf of the company on chat rooms or discussion groups (forums, newsgroups).
  9. Employees who disclose company confidential information either in discussion groups or chat groups, regardless of whether the disclosure was deliberate or inadvertent, may be subject to the penalties set forth in the internal policies and procedures and / or the law.
  10. If it is in the company's interest for its employees to be well informed, the use of news sites or news services is acceptable, as long as its use does not compromise the use of network bandwidth nor disrupt the smooth running of the work.
  11. Employees may use the Internet for non-business activities during lunch hours, or off-hours, provided they comply with the rules of use set forth in this policy and with the appropriate authorization from their superior.
  12. Employees with internet access may download only programs directly linked to the company's activities and must provide whatever is necessary to regularize the license and registration of these programs.
  13. The download of entertainment programs or games cannot be done through the internet connection of the company. Likewise, the use of multiplayer games against opponents on the Internet is prohibited.
  14. Employees with Internet access may not upload any licensed software to the company or data owned by the company or its customers, without express authorization from the manager responsible for the software or data.
  15. Each employee with access to the network received an identification code and a password, both of which are personal and confidential and are not allowed to be loaned to anyone. Employees who use third-party identification codes and passwords will be dismissed for justified reasons.
  16. The company has installed a number of softwares and hardware to protect the internal network and ensure the integrity of data and programs, including a firewall, which is the first but not the only barrier between the internal network and the internet. Any attempt to change the parameters of the firewall by any employee, without being duly accredited and authorized to do so, will cause your resignation for justified reasons